National Bank of Commerce Privacy Policy

There’s nothing more important to us than our relationship with you.
 In the interest of trust and transparency, we encourage you to download our Privacy Policy.
Our Privacy Policy defines:

  • What National Bank of Commerce does with your personal information
  • What personal information National Bank of Commerce collects
  • Why National Bank of Commerce collects personal information and how it is used
  • How National Bank of Commerce protects your personal information

Our Privacy Policy is important to us because it’s our contract with you our customer, our neighbor, our friends and family. We keep it updated and compliant with all government regulations as well as best practices.
It’s short and to the point but should you have any questions whatsoever, never hesitate to contact us.
Call or email any questions:
If these options aren’t convenient, you can always:
Stop into any of our branch locations
Fill out this simple form
You deserve a bank that loves you for who you are, not for how many dollars are in your bank account. A bank that treats you like family and protects your best interests. A bank that invests in the community you live in. A bank that gives—and doesn’t just take, take, take. A bank that thinks and acts like you.
Across northeastern Minnesota and northwestern Wisconsin, National Bank of Commerce is making a difference in the financial lives of the people, communities and businesses we serve. We exist to help you accomplish more than you could on your own.
More joy. More security. More milestones. More memories.
It’s what a community bank should do. It’s what our mission states so clearly. When we say “We make more possible,” this is what we mean.

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